Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Still ready for Spring!

It was cold outside when we made these pictures but I am thankful we had a couple of warm days. I am so ready for spring. 
I painted these two nitestands for a lady this past weekend. 
They were just your typical nitestands. 

As I was wiping them down I noticed these stains on top of one of them. It smelled like motor oil.  I gave it a light sanding and tried giving it a coat of Shellac to keep it from bleeding through the paint. 

As you can see below, when I put on the first coat of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Old Ochre the oil came right through. I then gave it a coat of Kilz.

They got two solid coats of paint, a layer of clear wax, some light sanding and then some dark wax strategically placed. Also added a little gold gilding wax!

I just love them now and the lady was very pleased. 
Looked really good against her green walls. 
Oh, I forgot to tell you. I told her about the oil on top and she said it was Old English scratch cover. Some of it still came throught after my last coat but not too bad. So the lesson here is not to use that stuff!!

I started another  project. Years ago I painted this dresser. It was white French provencial. I added the ball feel I found at Lowe's. I did love it but was just getting tired of it. The photo is after I removed the handles and filled the holes. I had drilled new holes for new handles. I just happened to find the original handles and am putting those back on. 

I hope to finish soon. Watch for what I do with this!
Thanks for reading my blog!

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