Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Salt and Peppa.... Anyone?

  Here they are! What do you think? I just love them. 

Remember before....not too exciting.
I wanted them to be pastel so here are the colors and types of paints I used. I found that the Folk Art paint covered the best. The yellow Apple brand did not cover so well. So if you try this, get good paint. Probably got that at Michael's. After I painted.... I used two coats of Johnson's Paste wax!

I know you all will be on the lookout for some S & P shakers, you may even have some in your own cabinets!! I would like to do at least one more set, so I will be on the looking too! Let me know if you want some, I will share!

This is a quick post....Charlie and Meg are coming in tomorrow and I need to clean up some of my painting mess  projects that are all over the place!
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

I know the lady would want this back.............

You remember the small cabinet I got for 5 dollars, don't you? Well, here it is all dressed up! I had so much fun making it into something really cute. I used Paris grey and Old white for doors and edges. Then I gave it a little dark wax to give it an aged look.

Then, to dress it up.... Florence was the perfect color
for the inside! My oh my!

Remember one of the knobs was missing? I found these in my collection of odd handles and knobs. Perfection.

Bob and I went "Goodwill Hunting" on Friday. (Stole that from the Nate show:) We were on the lookout for wooden salt & pepper shakers after seeing some really cute painted ones on Pinterest.
Found two sets, one at Goodwill and one at Odds and Ends (another of my favorite resale stores)I have some ideas for the shelf with hearts...I can always use more storage for my paints or scrappin' stuff.

I think this is a make-up holder. Thought I might paint it up for Camille or let her come and paint it. I think the other little cabinet is for jewelry. It is painted pretty cute, but knowing me I will have to repaint it!

And, here are those adorable S & P shakers. Just love the crank. 
Here is my cabinet with the Florence painted accessories! I think this might be a great item to take to the river. It has that cottage look I think we are going for. 

I plan to put this in my car this week and show it to my neighbor I bought it from. But she can't have it back! Hope you love my projects. Thank you for visiting. Comment below if you can.
I worked on several projects today. Hope to share with you soon. 
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Friday, July 13, 2012

Florence and Paris!

My two new colors, Florence and Paris Grey. Just gorgeous!!
 I painted the urn with Florence, then wiped off a little of the paint with a damp cloth. This let some of the original color show through. Then I gave it a thin wash of Graphite. I sprayed a coat of clear polyurethane to seal the finish.
The frame was given a coat of Florence, then waxed with dark wax. The gold touches just add the right amount of glitz!

 The two small shelves make a cute place for my small
 Annie Sloan Chalk paint jars!


 The small container is a cat food tin (I washed it well) and wrapped it with twine. I made the flower just like you'd make a bow, then
added the vintage button. Amazing what you can do with something that would normally go into the trash!
 To keep up with all my paint colors, I decided to paint a clothespin each time I got a new color. These are the Annie Sloan Chalk paints I have so far.........I just love them all.

 I am working on a much larger project with the Paris Grey paint and I have several more days work before it is ready. The rain has been nice (not sure how well my paint is drying out there) but I'm not complaining....I hear the 90's are coming back next week. Thanks for reading my post. Please share with anyone who might be interested!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Benches and Bargains

These benches are the ones I bought at the flea market. They were made from reclaimed wood and very sturdy. They had nail holes, peeling paint and 
lots of great distressing.

I didn't want to lose the "shabbiness"of the old wood, so I just sanded a little and added some paint and wax. On one I used the Chateau Gray and Old white mix on the legs. On that one I added the dark wax.

The other just got a thin coat of old white
 and clear wax.

They would make a great addition to a porch or patio. They are perfect beside a chair or to use as a coffee table. In fact I plan to take one to the river and sell the other. Not sure which one, I love them both!

 This photo shows how they looked just after I did some sanding.

Last Friday I just had the best day! As I as leaving the neighborhood a man was dragging this cabinet to the curb for trash pick-up. I screeched to a stop and jumped out. I asked if it was broken and he said it just was missing the pegs to hold the shelves. (No problem..I know Lowe's and Home Depot have those!)
 He even loaded it in my car!

As I was returning to the neighborhood,  I saw there was a Yard sale..... right on the next street! Well, I found this cute little cabinet. The lady said she used it in college and she was about my age(so it was pretty old). It was made of solid pine and was really in good shape. A missing knob was not a problem.

It had great curves and details on the doors. Plenty of dust and spider webs!

The inside had a great shelf and dividers. 

And... the very best part......I got it for 5 dollars!! The lady patted it good-by as she helped me load it in my car. When I finish, I plan to bring it back to show her. Oh, but she may want it back!

Another project I completed was to paint this mirror. It was one mom and dad made when they were doing the Country wood cut-outs and painting thing. It was really pretty but not the colors I wanted. 

I undercoated some areas with Provence chalk paint and then painted over with Old White. I just did a touch of sanding to let this show through. I plan to put it over the blue chest at the river.

My new pieces called for new colors, so I got some great ones. Wait 'til you see.
Should be back tomorrow with a peek at 
one of them. 
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Monday, July 9, 2012

Have you seen Sproost?

Just found this site:

Go here to find out your decorating style and lots and lots of ideas!
Mine was  50/50 Classic/Cottage Chic,
 who woulda thought!!

I am working on several projects... I hope to post this week. The rain yesterday was a great reprieve from the heat. Hope you all got some too!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Chest of Drawers....whew!

The chest of drawers is finally finished! It was a huge project and the 100 degree temps did not help.
Lots of work but it will be so cute at the cabin! I kept thinking of that as I was sanding and sweating!  With the help of Brennen and Isabella we got off most of the paint. I also got the top glued back on. 
Here is the finished chest. I have to admit that it was a definite learning experience! I gave it  two smooth coats of Aquamarine paint by Sherwin Williams. It covered very well and looked great. Then I wanted it 
to look shabby so I sanded so some of the wood peeked through. I then used a mixture of dark and clear Annie Sloan wax to give a little definition.

  You can see in the picture above I had to bring it in to the Scrap room to be able to paint. Much better!
I painted the inside and outside of the drawers with gray paint. I lined the drawers with this delightful Peacock patterned scrapbook paper I found at 

Also, I looked for new handles. Bought several different ones to try but they just weren't right. So I got out my spray paint and painted them brown. Then I painted over them. Sanded off a little and waxed. I like them now! Whew! You just would not believe how much time I spent on this project!!

Anyway, I was so happy today to have it finished! 
Below you will see the cute little jar I found on clearance at Michael's and the Know Alabama book I found in my mom's attic. My name is written in the front. Can't remember which grade we studied Alabama history, but I can refresh my memory anytime I feel the need now! Can't believe she kept it!

The book page " doily" is an idea I found on Pinterest. I just tore out the pages and used the seashell punch (thanks,Pam) on the edges. A little tricky to punch but well worth the effort.

A good view of the drawer insides and my feet!!

I hope you like my project. I have enough of this color to paint at least one more large piece of furniture.
 I do love this color!!
I also painted on the benches today. Should finish those in the next day or so. Remember,  I love comments!!
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