Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our trip to Paint to get paint.......awesome!

Exciting, this was so exciting!! We were just like kids in a candy store! This was just so much fun! The store for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Jackson, MS is just delightful. It is located in the historic district, known as Fondren. This is an area they are bringing back with all sorts of fun restaurants and businesses.
We had a scrumptious lunch at Sal and Mookies....delicious pizza and salad. I was just about to burst to get to the paint store. We had left home at 12:30 and we finally arrived at 3:00!!

Just two doors down is the famous Brent's Drug store that was featured in the movie "The Help." It has been there since the 50's and is still just the same.  Anyway, the Paint store said they were in the movie, too!

 Once you were inside it was just amazing. The colors and color combinations were just so fun! This was Greek Blue and Antibbes Green. So cute!

 This table was a combination of several colors. As you see I brought my color chart and we wrote down the colors. Only problem I can't find that paper now..... I think we can figure it out, tho.

 Sweet vignettes throughout the store!

 This was a giant color chart painted on the wall. I cannot believe how many colors we got. We all will be sharing! We each bought two cans, so we have lots and lots of beautiful colors to choose from!

 I am sorry I did not get pictures of the shoppers, but they were running around saying " oh my gosh", "this is awesome," "love this," and "Joanne, can we do this?" They were talking to every other shopper asking them what they were painting, who they were painting it for and do they just LOVE this paint?!!! Anyway, the four of us had a great time!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! In the next post I will share the colors we got and a sneak peak of some of the things as we begin working on them.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flea Market Road trip.......was awesome!!

We had a great time on our trip to the 49 South Flea market! I am just exhausted, but we had so much fun. Florence, Mississippi will never be the same! The check-out lady at the flea market said she enjoyed us shopping and we were all so much fun!
I guess so, we bought a car load!

Helen weighing in.....all 98 pounds of her!

Remember these scales? It seemed like you put your coin into the slot of your birthday month and a fortune came into view. Or was it on a paper? don't remember, do you?

Pretty milk glass. Loved the blue, too! 

There were lots of already painted pieces. None seemed to be chalk paint but we liked most of it. Very reasonable prices.

Pam got these shutters. She plans to make a headboard for a twin bed, cute!

Helen and her purchases....a blue chair that was in really good shape and a small side table. Perfect for her bedroom, such bargains!

We got this cute rocker and wooden box for Edith, and she wasn't even there! The box is a commercial waste basket from the 1930's. Can you just imagine this in an office of a bank with a huge desk and this elaborate waste basket?

Evelyn checking out Helen's chair. It is the perfect condition. At first we thought we were going to paint the fabric, but on further inspection it just really needs cleaning and the wooden legs repainted.
The Shoppers!

Now all this stuff is on my back porch. I hope the neighbors don't report me to "Hoarders....Buried Alive." LOL
We bought several more items that are not pictured. I plan to get some good "before" pictures so we can begin the magic!! Everyone is so excited about getting started now that we have our items.
 Our next trip will be to the paint store, can't wait!
annie sloan chalk paint
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Sunday, August 19, 2012

New home for old things

I finished the shelf for my paints! Lately we have been using my acrylic paints a lot (all those letters and things) And I got tons of new colors from mom's collection. So I needed a new home for them.
 I found this shelf back in July at Goodwill.

I always pick up these buckets in the dollar bins at Target.
 They were just perfect to use for brushes.  
Here is how it looked when I found it. There is an abundance of things out there with heart cut outs, I guess from the "country" days. Now it is just called "vintage." I was going to cover up the hearts with wood but decided to get out my trusty hammer and just knock off the top piece. It worked!

Then I got a few boards and trim pieces and added a shelf and some strips to help hold in the paints. All cut with my little hand saw and miter box. (Bob won't let me use a power saw...he knows I would probably cut off my fingers!) Probably right. 

I ended up adding a couple of more strips after this photo. I then painted it with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. 

Small chest gets new home.
 We took this to the river and it was perfect for one of the bedrooms. We also took the turquoise one but I did not get a photo. Found another lamp and may swap them out. 

While at the cabin,a butterfly came by and I had to get the shot.

Rich and Bob cut down this tree. It was a huge and had been dying for years. 

This was an awful job given that they only had a small electric chain saw. It will have to stay right there until they can get a larger one to cut it up. It would make some great firewood if anyone wants to come get it!!

Also we temporarily hung this lamp. Rich and Bob worked on the electricity and are planning to electrify it with a switch and all!!

I found it in mom's attic. The new color is awesome!

Haven't planned my next project. I begin working part time this week with Computertots...teaching 3 an 4 years old computer classes!! I taught them several years ago and really loved it.  So I will have less time to goof off !!
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Ombre' Painting and Road Trip Info

Have you seen all these really neat, colorful things lately on Pinterest?
 I did not know the term: Ombre'
It means: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially on fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

Camille came to paint the make-up/jewelry box. (Turns out it came from Pottery Barn) I think she got some of her talent from me! We are finding we have  lots in common these days. She loves to Scrapbook ( does wonderful pages and learned last night to operate the Cricut all on her own), we had a lengthy discussion about Photoshop and she is learning to paint, really well!!

Since her room is purple we mixed up a nice medium purple. This was the Folk Art acrylic paints.

We made two other shades by adding white and wow!
 we now have the Ombre' look!

We looked in the Scraproom for her initials and some bling! Just right!

I loved this look so much that I would love to paint a tall chest
of drawers like this!

We are planning a Girl's Road Trip to the 49 South Flea Market on Saturday the 25th. Everyone is going to find a small treasure or two to paint. Then in September we will schedule a
Chalk Painting 101 Class!!
Hope you can join us for our excursion!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Projects with Meg and Charlie....

I found some more goodies at Goodwill. The shelf I just love and
the tray, well I thought I could do something with it.
 Turns out they both were good deals!

While doing some cleaning in Charlie's (old) closet, I found a bag of beer caps. We decided they would be the perfect thing for the tray.
 Charlie helped paint the tray black. 

We laid out the caps just how we wanted them then I placed a piece of contact paper on top. Then lifted them off.

Then I had the idea to put Mod Podge in the base and then place the caps on top. I believed that this would dry clear. We bought some of that thick epoxy(like a bartop) your pour on top. 

Then we put heavy things on top to hold it down. Wait,wait, and wait....

The next day it did not seem to be drying so I carefully peeled off the contact paper. Still waiting for it to dry. I don't think the Mod Podge was a good idea. I thought it would fill in some of the space, dry clear and them pour the other stuff over. We gave up on the drying and they just had to take it on with them. If the MP(Hodge Podge, I mean) ever dries, they can pour the clear epoxy over the top. Hopefully they will send a photo when it is finished!

Next, I showed Meg how to use the Chalk Paint on the shelf . They sold almost all their furniture so they will be shopping Goodwill, the curbs and flea markets to furnish their new apartment. I thought the Chalk paint would be a great way for them to jazz up what they find!

We painted the whole thing with Old White, then used a little of the Provence blue on the edges and I did some scratching to add just a little details. 

We added clear and dark wax. 

Meg finished the shelf. Really cute! It will make a great place for
 scarves, keys or whatever!

We enjoyed our visit with Charlie and Meg. They are now 
 off to new adventures with the Fighting Illini in Champaign, Il.
Good luck you two! And happy Goodwill Hunting!  
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