Sunday, August 19, 2012

New home for old things

I finished the shelf for my paints! Lately we have been using my acrylic paints a lot (all those letters and things) And I got tons of new colors from mom's collection. So I needed a new home for them.
 I found this shelf back in July at Goodwill.

I always pick up these buckets in the dollar bins at Target.
 They were just perfect to use for brushes.  
Here is how it looked when I found it. There is an abundance of things out there with heart cut outs, I guess from the "country" days. Now it is just called "vintage." I was going to cover up the hearts with wood but decided to get out my trusty hammer and just knock off the top piece. It worked!

Then I got a few boards and trim pieces and added a shelf and some strips to help hold in the paints. All cut with my little hand saw and miter box. (Bob won't let me use a power saw...he knows I would probably cut off my fingers!) Probably right. 

I ended up adding a couple of more strips after this photo. I then painted it with my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. 

Small chest gets new home.
 We took this to the river and it was perfect for one of the bedrooms. We also took the turquoise one but I did not get a photo. Found another lamp and may swap them out. 

While at the cabin,a butterfly came by and I had to get the shot.

Rich and Bob cut down this tree. It was a huge and had been dying for years. 

This was an awful job given that they only had a small electric chain saw. It will have to stay right there until they can get a larger one to cut it up. It would make some great firewood if anyone wants to come get it!!

Also we temporarily hung this lamp. Rich and Bob worked on the electricity and are planning to electrify it with a switch and all!!

I found it in mom's attic. The new color is awesome!

Haven't planned my next project. I begin working part time this week with Computertots...teaching 3 an 4 years old computer classes!! I taught them several years ago and really loved it.  So I will have less time to goof off !!
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Pam Reeves said...

Well, as usual, you blow me out of the water with your creations. I am SO ready to start our painting projects. Let's hurry up and set a date!

Joanne Mock said...

I was looking at September today. I am thinking we need to do it in an afternoon. The light will be better and we will have more time! We will discuss it this week, I promise!