Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Our trip to Paint to get paint.......awesome!

Exciting, this was so exciting!! We were just like kids in a candy store! This was just so much fun! The store for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Jackson, MS is just delightful. It is located in the historic district, known as Fondren. This is an area they are bringing back with all sorts of fun restaurants and businesses.
We had a scrumptious lunch at Sal and Mookies....delicious pizza and salad. I was just about to burst to get to the paint store. We had left home at 12:30 and we finally arrived at 3:00!!

Just two doors down is the famous Brent's Drug store that was featured in the movie "The Help." It has been there since the 50's and is still just the same.  Anyway, the Paint store said they were in the movie, too!

 Once you were inside it was just amazing. The colors and color combinations were just so fun! This was Greek Blue and Antibbes Green. So cute!

 This table was a combination of several colors. As you see I brought my color chart and we wrote down the colors. Only problem I can't find that paper now..... I think we can figure it out, tho.

 Sweet vignettes throughout the store!

 This was a giant color chart painted on the wall. I cannot believe how many colors we got. We all will be sharing! We each bought two cans, so we have lots and lots of beautiful colors to choose from!

 I am sorry I did not get pictures of the shoppers, but they were running around saying " oh my gosh", "this is awesome," "love this," and "Joanne, can we do this?" They were talking to every other shopper asking them what they were painting, who they were painting it for and do they just LOVE this paint?!!! Anyway, the four of us had a great time!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as we did! In the next post I will share the colors we got and a sneak peak of some of the things as we begin working on them.


Pam Reeves said...

This is a funny post, and you hit the nail on the head! We were running around like rats in a maze! There was so much to look at and the colors were just mesmerizing to look at. Boy have you opened up a can of worms!!! These projects are going to be some of the funnest we have ever done. Let's get started soon!!!

Joanne Mock said...

I am not sure our hearts will EVER be in scrapbooking again!! Those paint cans on the shelf will always be beckoning us!! At the rate we are painting we need to go to shopping daily or just start repainting everything we own!