Tuesday, September 20, 2016

If I'm sittin', I'm knittin'.

As a child, my mother taught me to knit. I'm sure many of you have this memory as well. I knitted a few items as an adult but had not tried it in years.

In September 2014 my friend, Holly taught our scrapbooking group how to knit a dishcloth. It's the very easy Granny's favorite dishcloth. Easy because it is only the knit stitch. To date, I have made tons of them and given many away. They really are great dishcloths. Anyway, this got me restarted in knitting, which I have really enjoyed. It is a great hobby because it is portable, unlike scrapbooking. Whenever we go for a ride or on a Photoshoot (Bob's hobby) I always take along a project. It's also nice to have some gifts to have on hand when the need arises.
Download and print the pattern HERE

 The fun thing about knitting these is that they are quick, and what knitters call "mindless." Once you've knitted a few there's no need to look at the pattern and you don't have to keep up with rows or stitches. Also, the yarn comes in so many beautiful colors and it is very inexpensive.

On this grey and white one I took leftover yarn and knitted 
two rows of each color. On the others the yarns change colors and it's 
just fun to see how it turns out.

 Here is a variation of the pattern that made a candycorn
 dishcloth perfect for October! If anyone wants the pattern for this
 one, let me know

I hope I have inspired you to try your hand at knitting. Remember Google is your friend. When I was working on something new and came to something I didn't understand, I just typed it in to Google just as it was printed, ex. p2togtbl. What the heck does that mean? A clear explantion or video will usually come up!  It really is fun and easy! So give it a try. It really is a stress reducing and fun hobby.
Let me know if you give it a try!

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