Saturday, March 30, 2013

March goes out like a lamb

On Friday we made some really good progress on the pile of "treasures" on my back porch. Pam and Helen came to paint at 8:30. We made a quick run to Goodwill to see if there were any new finds. Then we began painting.

Helen found this sturdy tv tray.

A flea market find by Helen.

Wood table of my mom's. I have two of these nearly alike. One from Bob's mother and one from mine. This one had a beautiful finish,
 but I still decided to paint it.

Found this little basket at GW.

Pam has been working on this umbrella stand since last fall. The spindles are time consuming and Pam is a perfectionist! Her work is beautiful!

Found this wastebasket this week at GW.  .. . . .$3.

GW . . . . . . $1.25

Some sort of horse grooming toolbox. Pam found this on one of
our outings. It is for Gay!
 Here are the things we finished!
The table was painted Country Grey with a little dark wax. The basket was painted with Coco and Provence dry brushed on top. (took it right inside and put my napkins in it!)

I decided to do the finish on the table the same as I did that jewelry box.
Bronze acrylic paint on top, Annie Sloan Chalk paint in French Linen with clear and dark wax.

Helen's table got Annie Sloan Paris Grey and Old White on top.
Touches of dark wax and Gold gilding wax finished it off!

These are our PIPS....projects in progress. We got several of the items painted, now they are ready for wax and finishing touches
.(Helen and Pam are holding up the beach towel for our background)

I think we slipped in a couple of items that I did not get BEFORE pics.
Also, look at our great workbench. I asked for sawhorses for my birthday and Bob came through! We got two boards for the top. It can easily be taken down and put away! 

I just love my Stanley Plastic Sawhorses!
 They are light, adjustable and easily put away!

Here is a sneak peak of another project I have in progress! I hope you enjoyed! I love comments! Look below and find the word "Comment", click on it and tell me what you think!
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Monday, March 18, 2013

Paint Day Transformations.....oh my!

The weather for Spring Break was just great! It gave us lots of sunshine to get out and paint. The first photos are of the projects before we did our magic!
This coffee table was a Goodwill score for Helen.

Another Helen project

Helen's son Mark Allen got this coffee table for free from a friend. 

Pam picked this table up  somewhere. She was painting the drawer before I could get a picture!

This was  my Goodwill find. It appeared to have had doors or something on the front at one time. It was solid wood and very sturdy.

This was my first attempt at painting a table. This one was a dark pine one with two leaves from Pottery Barn. The pine was dated and just needed refreshing.

Here is the coffee table. It was painted with County White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with a Provence stencil. Some gilding wax in King's gold just added the right touch! This will be added to Helen's new scrap room.

Pam's cute Emperor's Silk table with Graphite drawer and French Linen handle will be a great addition to her family's hunting retreat.

The free table is now bright and new! Country Gray with a little dark wax.
 The tall wine rack got a few adjustments and several coats
of Krylon white gloss spray paint. 
 Here's the table now!  It was difficult to get a good photo while out in the garage.
I used ASCP in French Linen. Clear then dark wax. Then several more coats of clear wax. A little distressing and some of the gold gilding wax and it is just gorgeous. Everyone who came wanted it! But the lucky person is Carol's son Ben and his fiance', Kara.

 Here is the small table I found at Goodwill. I added some molding and decorative trim just below the top. 

The top was in good shape so I brushed on a coat of dark stain. Then used a die cut piece of scrapbook paper to add a stencil.
This is going to be a great place to display my cookbooks
(not like I use them or anything) ha ha!

This table is my next project. It belonged to my mom and I actually have two almost just alike. The other belonged to Bob's mom. I know you've seen these everywhere. I am making it really pretty.
Thanks for visiting!! I love comments and for you to share my blog with others. On occasion there will be some items for sale so watch for those. Also if you have a piece of furniture you need transformed, you know who to call!!

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break Part One

I've managed to work on a few projects lately. I did finish the small jewelry box I showed you in my last post. It came out really cute. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.

I then used a small stencil and come copper paint to add some interest.

I love the way this looks! And so easy!

Remember, here is how it looked from Goodwill!

Thank goodness I'm not superstitious! I broke a mirror this week, and it wasn't even mine! I paid Helen for it and have new plans for it!

This was my Goodwill score last week. A cute solid wood table. I think some doors or something was missing, but I have the perfect place for it! I', making a few alterations and plan to paint it this Friday.

It is Spring Break this week so on Monday I went over to begin helping Helen to make a scrap space in her room over her garage. It had lots of shelving a computer and is a great space.
This is one wall BEFORE.

I brought along two of my favorite things: The Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper holders and my Instant shelving units from Target. I just love these. After revamping my scrap room I had several of these left over.

These cube shelves work great and gave her a place for all her scrapbooks(these are only of few of the ones she's made) The other unit was great for the photo boxes so she could organize all her pictures. I use these and put the year on the outside. Then when I print my picture I try to get them
 in there, ready for scrapping.

We have several more pieces to paint and add to the room
 but we made good progress.
 On Saturday the girls took a road trip to the 49 South Flea Market. We found several great pieces to paint. Helen and I bought these Retro dishes! I just love them!! Bob and I had breakfast on them this week.

We are having a paint day this Friday so I hope to have lots
of finished projects for you in the next post. Thanks for visiting!!
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