Friday, May 25, 2012

The little chest......all finished!

As I was outside painting on the chest a beautiful cardinal came to visit. Had to get the shot!

To decide what color, I mixed several combinations of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Chateau Gray and Old White. I chose the 1:1 ratio for the body and the 4:1 for the drawers. I wanted just a slight difference in the colors. 

I started the operation outside. I found if I get out there by 9 it is not too hot.

I then moved it inside on top of the washer!! I gave the inside of the drawers a second coat of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Barcelona Orange. I just love this color! It did not seem to cover as well as the other colors, could have used a third coat but I only had this small jar, so I left it.

The best part was waxing with a coat of clear wax and then using a thinned dark wax in selected places. 

I just love the contrasting orange drawers!It is the hot color this year!

Here it is all finished! I do love it! As much as I love it, I am probably going to sell it. I have no place to put it and I am needing to buy some more paint!!
So if any of you are interested, please let me know.

For my next project I think I am going to use spray paint!! It is much faster and I will have limited painting time outside now that the temps are in the 90's. So watch for some of the items I have been collecting.

Here is the before shot. I do love it now!

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chair painting, Whew!

I started with these two oak pressed back chairs. They were given to me by a friend who was moving. I have 6 of these but am just painting two right now. 
When painting a chair always turn it upside down and paint all undersides first. Then turn over. It was a tedious job to get those spindles and making sure I got paint in all those little grooves.

The next step was to paint the entire chair in the desired color. Mine was Provence by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I do not have a photo of this step. Next was to wax the entire chair in clear wax.

After this I waxed the chair in a mixture of 50/50 dark and clear wax. Then I took fine grade sandpaper and sanded in a few places to let a little of the white paint show through.

Then I waxed again! Then buffed to a slight sheen. See what I mean, it is a lot of work. I plan to sell this chair but have no idea what to charge. It was time consuming but I love the look. I have not painted the other chair. I am thinking now of just giving it one more coat of Old White and using the dark wax. I just love the look!
 I really wanted to finish these chairs and move on to the little chest. Yesterday I got the drawers painted a beautiful color (tease). Since the temp is warming up  it is causing my paint to dry too fast outside. So I will be moving my painting inside. Now trying to figure out exactly where? Kitchen, probably! Stay tuned!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Have a seat and rest a while....before and after.

These three seats all have great sentimental value. The small chair is one from Bob's mom's kindergarten. Many, many Andalusia children have sat in this seat. The bench in the middle was the one my mom used at her sewing machine. She spent many, many hours here sewing clothes for me. The stool is one she had in her recent sewing area. 

I have painted these chairs many times over the past years. This is really by far my  favorite. I sprayed the chair with a bright orange Krylon paint. I then dry brushed it with Sherwin Williams paint in Parakeet. I just love it!. I have two of these and they sit on my patio holding my herbs. 

I ended up painting this stool twice. Once with Chateau Grey, ASCP. I then added a gold wax stencil to the top. It just wasn't happening for me. So I just wiped off the gold with mineral spirits and then painted it with a great color, Cooled Blue by SW. I think it may need some polka dots or something!  

 The bench got two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk paint in Provence. I then gave it two coats of clear wax. I just had to add the stencil, my mom stenciled everything! 

Here is a sneak peek of one of the items I brought back from my mom's this weekend. It is a small chest the size of a night stand. It is a very inexpensive piece, probably particle board. It has some interesting details so it will be fun
 to see what I can do with it!

Thanks for visiting. Y'all come back now, ya hear?
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