Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chair painting, Whew!

I started with these two oak pressed back chairs. They were given to me by a friend who was moving. I have 6 of these but am just painting two right now. 
When painting a chair always turn it upside down and paint all undersides first. Then turn over. It was a tedious job to get those spindles and making sure I got paint in all those little grooves.

The next step was to paint the entire chair in the desired color. Mine was Provence by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. I do not have a photo of this step. Next was to wax the entire chair in clear wax.

After this I waxed the chair in a mixture of 50/50 dark and clear wax. Then I took fine grade sandpaper and sanded in a few places to let a little of the white paint show through.

Then I waxed again! Then buffed to a slight sheen. See what I mean, it is a lot of work. I plan to sell this chair but have no idea what to charge. It was time consuming but I love the look. I have not painted the other chair. I am thinking now of just giving it one more coat of Old White and using the dark wax. I just love the look!
 I really wanted to finish these chairs and move on to the little chest. Yesterday I got the drawers painted a beautiful color (tease). Since the temp is warming up  it is causing my paint to dry too fast outside. So I will be moving my painting inside. Now trying to figure out exactly where? Kitchen, probably! Stay tuned!

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