Friday, September 27, 2013

September Update

Lately I have been finding some really cute vintage kitchen goodies. I just love these Pyrex dishes in bright colors. I've found them at estate sales, flea markets and even at Goodwill.

Bob has been working with his camera learning to focus in tight on an object and blur the background. I just love this effect. I am making him my official photographer!

This cute chest is one of my favorite projects so far.
This is Helen's chest. (more about this later in post)

She painted it in Chateau Grey, Old Ochre and Paloma
 Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

We found the cute bird knobs at Hobby Lobby. They got a recoating
of Chateau Grey and some of the gold gilding wax.

Inside got Paloma.

The finished piece got clear and dark wax.

Joanne cut the stencil with her Cricut. It just looks great!

Here's the back story........ At the estate sale we went to in Canton a few weeks ago, I wanted this chest. It was in a barn in back all dirty and piled high with junk. The price was $70. I asked the sales person if they were negotiable and he said "No." I then went inside. When I came back out Holly was gaurding our stash and there was the chest! I asked who got it and she said she had negotiated for Helen and she got it for $40!! At least I got to help paint it!!
So here's the before:

I got the next two pieces at that same estate sale:

Much better. It got Old Violet with a wash of Country Grey. The handle was some I found at the same sale and coated with Copper gilding wax.

I loved this sewing stool. It reminds me of the one my Aunt Hettie had.

It was in bad shape. I had to re-glue the veneer and
add some wood filler.

I just painted over the cracked vinyl with
 Emperor's silk and the base got graphite.

Of course it needed a stencil!

Thanks for stopping by. It is almost October and that means we will be heading to Pensacola Beach!!  We are trying a new place right on the beach this year. Emerald Isle.

 We will be attending the Songwriter's Festival and biking our way around the sites. I will post to keep you updated. I don't know how I will go an entire month without painting anything. Probably find some things to bring home to paint, tho.

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