Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chevrons are Awesome!

I have been wanting to try my hand at some chevrons. Melanie had these two end tables that were a little scuffed up. They were solid and well made, tho. 

Once I got them in the scrap room to paint, Finn decided he was going to be my helper! He always stays close when I am painting or scrapping.

I first wiped them well and gave them two coats of
Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. 

Now to the chevron. I was just too cheap to buy an expensive stencil so I cut my own from a piece of poster board. For this paint I made a custom mix of Old White, Florence and Provence. I just love it. It goes well with Melanie's beachy themed home.

I did a little distressing and added two coats of Dead Flat Varnish. I just love this stuff! Goes on quickly and leaves a durable finish.

I added a little of the paint to the brass handles.

Of course the drawers had to get the same custom mixed color.
I just love them and will be adding more chevrons to future finds!

When Helen saw the chevrons she just had to add some to
 her end table!
Really cute!

Everyone had been wanting to cover a burlap shade like I had a while back. I told them it was easy but the only drawback is using a hot glue gun. Those can be dangerous!(burned fingers,etc)

Theirs came out great! Pam and Helen did a great job! (haha)
I was the one who got the blisters, tho!

While I was out one afternoon my friend, Sharon dropped off a couple of pieces for me to paint. This drop-leaf table was in sad shape.

It was missing several pieces and the veneer was falling off.

A drawer was missing and part of a leg were gone!
 I asked her if she thought I was a miracle worker!

The spindle bed was in much better shape. Thank goodness!
Before I left town on Thursday, Sharon told me her mom had found the missing pieces of the table in her storage shed! So glad. I just could not figure out how I was going to come up with those missing pieces.  So these are my projects for this week. Thanks for stopping in. We are heading to an estate sale this weekend so we hope to find some new pieces to paint. 
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Megan said...

Agreed, chevrons are awesome. Nice job, ladies!