Thursday, December 6, 2012


This was a pine wood table I bought years ago. It has been painted many times. The black was just not too exciting to me anymore after using all this colorful Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

So I gave it a coat of Duck Egg Blue. Then decided I wanted to add stripes in Old White. I used 2 inch painter's tape and taped off the entire top. Then pulled off every other strip. 

Then painted over the bare spots. Voila!! Stripes! I added the decorative wood embellishment I had bought years ago.

I then gave it a coat of clear wax then began carefully 
adding the dark wax. 

I just love it now!

While I was painting I painted this small jewelry box I had bought in Pensacola.

It was perfect under the china plates that were Bob's mother's china. I cut the "M" from some gold paper.

This was really a fun and easy project! I will be painting more stripes soon!!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some Before and Afters

I have been doing so many projects lately that I have totally gotten behind on posting. We have also had several Paint Days with awesome results.  I am always forgetting to take the before pictures!

The small chest and mirror made a great addition to
 Betsy and Josh's entry! (knobs will be red..I left those at home.)

This folding table was great on Betsy's patio!

This was a great find at Goodwill. 

It was painted with the color Florence with clear was and a little gilding wax.
It made a colorful addition to Betsy and Josh's living room.


This shelf was another Goodwill find. I painted it for Gay who just bought a farm. I think she will like it!

I used the Cricut to cut the title from vinyl. Placed it over the white paint. Then painted over with the Antibbes green paint, peeled off the letters and Wow!

Covered with dark wax, then wiped off.

Pam painted these cute frames in the color Versaille, light green. She then used dark wax. She had been collecting the handkerchiefs that were the initials of the people who slept in her guest room! She will be placing them on the wall. How cute an idea is that? Way to go Pam. We love it!!

Helen found this cute bread tray in Brandon. She painted it Provence chalk paint and now it will make a cute present with a fresh baked loaf of bread!

This was one of those iron patio tables Helen had. She also painted it with Provence.

Then I added burlap and tacks to the top. ALL new!!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing our projects. I have several more I need to post. If anyone wants something painted just contact me.
 I am ready to do some painting for others! 
For the new folks..I will send new posts by email. You may also sign up to follow at the link on  the right, just type in your email and you will automatically receive now posts!Thanks for following! Also bookmark and look around. There are tons of great before and afters!!

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Learn from the Master....Annie Sloan

Here she is Annie Sloan. I found several of  her video's for you 
to see just how SHE does it!!

I think we are doing pretty good with our technique. I hope you enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Upholstery......something new

I tried my hand at some upholstering. It was really just removing the old fabric, covering it with new batting and then stapling new fabric on. Found just the perfect fabric at JoAnn's and it was on sale.  The chair is sooo cute! It started out really ugly,  but now, WOW! This is Helen's chair that she rescued from being put out with the trash!

Here it is before. The vinyl was so bad. I figured out the back was just stapled on with about a million staples. Got those out and used some wood filler and a good sanding and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in one of my favorite colors, Provence. Much, much better than new.

This vanity stool was my mom's. I just love it. She had covered it and painted it herself many times. Now it was my turn.
The paint here is ASCP in Paris Gray with clear wax. The fabric is the same pattern as the chair just in a different color scheme. I just love it. If Betsy has a spot for it, it's hers. If not I will find a place for it.   

We are having another paint day tomorrow. We found several great items this week to paint. We will also finish up some more of those we started last week.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scenes from Paint Day

This is getting embarrassing. My back porch is a total mess. The more we paint, the more the items seem to multiply. After we painted on Friday, I decided that I would just have to give them an ultimatum.....NO MORE GOODWILL PURCHASES UNTIL ALL THIS IS PAINTED AND TAKEN HOME! 

I told Bob about it as we were sitting on the patio staring at all this stuff. He calmly said "I'll tell you what the lady at the Flea Market said when I told her about your painting, shopping and hoarding. She said, 'she could be sitting on the couch watching soap operas, drinking whiskey and eating bonbons. So don't complain, it could be much worse.'" So he didn't complain and my patio will just have to look this way.

On Friday we had a beautiful day to paint. We had so many things to paint that I did not get before and after shots of everything. Helen painting her find!
Pam painting with a new color Emile. Her kitchen stools are getting a make-over! Just wait til you see them finished.

These night stands needed a little sanding before putting on the chalk paint. 

Just some of our work in progress!

One of our finished projects...this little wine cabinet. We just repainted the frame and it made all the difference.

Helen's finished table. Her son needed something to put his alarm clock on, this should be fine.

Judy joined us and didn't have anything to paint except these peach baskets. She just loved the paint and I'm sure next time she'll find something else to paint. 
In fact the next day she was stopping off at our favorite spot,
 the Highway 49 Flea Market!

Someone is going to receive some delicious home-made goodies in these baskets ...come holiday time!
(hope it's me)

Scrappy working on a special project. Didn't want you to see until I could show you the total transformation :)

 I will be posting all the finished projects soon, I hope!!

Also, soon I am going to combine the General Scrappy Blog and the Jo's Painty Place blog. We seem to be doing more painting than scrapping these days, but I'm sure when cooler temps come we will be doing more scrapping. It is difficult to keep up with two blogs so one will hopefully get more posts and possibly more traffic. Anyway, I am trying to think of a great Blog title that would encompass both these creative ventures. So if anyone has any suggestions, Please Bring them ON!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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