Saturday, August 25, 2012

Flea Market Road trip.......was awesome!!

We had a great time on our trip to the 49 South Flea market! I am just exhausted, but we had so much fun. Florence, Mississippi will never be the same! The check-out lady at the flea market said she enjoyed us shopping and we were all so much fun!
I guess so, we bought a car load!

Helen weighing in.....all 98 pounds of her!

Remember these scales? It seemed like you put your coin into the slot of your birthday month and a fortune came into view. Or was it on a paper? don't remember, do you?

Pretty milk glass. Loved the blue, too! 

There were lots of already painted pieces. None seemed to be chalk paint but we liked most of it. Very reasonable prices.

Pam got these shutters. She plans to make a headboard for a twin bed, cute!

Helen and her purchases....a blue chair that was in really good shape and a small side table. Perfect for her bedroom, such bargains!

We got this cute rocker and wooden box for Edith, and she wasn't even there! The box is a commercial waste basket from the 1930's. Can you just imagine this in an office of a bank with a huge desk and this elaborate waste basket?

Evelyn checking out Helen's chair. It is the perfect condition. At first we thought we were going to paint the fabric, but on further inspection it just really needs cleaning and the wooden legs repainted.
The Shoppers!

Now all this stuff is on my back porch. I hope the neighbors don't report me to "Hoarders....Buried Alive." LOL
We bought several more items that are not pictured. I plan to get some good "before" pictures so we can begin the magic!! Everyone is so excited about getting started now that we have our items.
 Our next trip will be to the paint store, can't wait!
annie sloan chalk paint
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Pam Reeves said...

OMG! What a fun time we had at the Flea Market! No AC and it was hot, but certainly not as hot as it could have been. The prices there were great. And our new BFF, I forgot his name, made us some great deals. We will shop with him again, for sure. Too bad we didn't take a truck, cause we could have filled it up! Bargains galore!!! Now to begin the transformation of these wonderful finds! Stay tuned for the finished product!!!