Thursday, August 2, 2012

Projects with Meg and Charlie....

I found some more goodies at Goodwill. The shelf I just love and
the tray, well I thought I could do something with it.
 Turns out they both were good deals!

While doing some cleaning in Charlie's (old) closet, I found a bag of beer caps. We decided they would be the perfect thing for the tray.
 Charlie helped paint the tray black. 

We laid out the caps just how we wanted them then I placed a piece of contact paper on top. Then lifted them off.

Then I had the idea to put Mod Podge in the base and then place the caps on top. I believed that this would dry clear. We bought some of that thick epoxy(like a bartop) your pour on top. 

Then we put heavy things on top to hold it down. Wait,wait, and wait....

The next day it did not seem to be drying so I carefully peeled off the contact paper. Still waiting for it to dry. I don't think the Mod Podge was a good idea. I thought it would fill in some of the space, dry clear and them pour the other stuff over. We gave up on the drying and they just had to take it on with them. If the MP(Hodge Podge, I mean) ever dries, they can pour the clear epoxy over the top. Hopefully they will send a photo when it is finished!

Next, I showed Meg how to use the Chalk Paint on the shelf . They sold almost all their furniture so they will be shopping Goodwill, the curbs and flea markets to furnish their new apartment. I thought the Chalk paint would be a great way for them to jazz up what they find!

We painted the whole thing with Old White, then used a little of the Provence blue on the edges and I did some scratching to add just a little details. 

We added clear and dark wax. 

Meg finished the shelf. Really cute! It will make a great place for
 scarves, keys or whatever!

We enjoyed our visit with Charlie and Meg. They are now 
 off to new adventures with the Fighting Illini in Champaign, Il.
Good luck you two! And happy Goodwill Hunting!  
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Pam said...

OMG! Meg is a clone of you! O lvoe the project she did. I;ll be anxious to see how the beer top tray turns out. Bill probably (does) has a bunch of tops that we could do something with.

Joanne Mock said...

Thanks, Pam. Yep we had fun. Beer caps not too original, but should be cute! Yes, Meg has already reported painting something! They have already found some great things!