Friday, September 21, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!!

 I finally got it finished! This seemed to take forever. But I had to figure out where I was going to put it. Then totally rearrange the scraproom to get it in. Now I love it!

Remember this cabinet was my curbside Free find way back in May. I sanded it and painted with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in old white. I had collected all these baskets over the years and some recently from my dad's workshop. He had made them many years ago. Camille and I painted them several different colors of chalk paint.

I only put them on one side because I had this perfect corner to put it in.It became our new Chalk Paint area. 

Here's the before!!

Helen and I found this cute little lamp at Goodwill for 2 dollars. It needed at new part where the bulb goes so I replaced that. Then covered with burlap and added a ruffle and some rosettes with some vintage buttons and earbobs!

We also did a little scrappin' this week. Camlile made this cute Twilight themed bulletin board.

We surprised her with a cake for getting her driving permit! It was supposed to have a car on it but we just could only find a dump truck in the toys I had for Brennen!

Helen brought this cute table that she had for a long time. 

We shabbied it up!! Love this. First time for doing this much distressing!

Edith finished up the rocker too!

And Evelyn found this table at the Flea Market. We are doing something really special on it. Watch for later post!!
Sorry for such a long time between posts. It's hard to get all this done between trips to Goodwill, Scrappin' and Paintin'!! Hope to see you again soon! 
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chalk paint on a Chia Pet....learning how to use Chalk Paint

Our class on Friday was so much fun! We managed to get most of our flea market finds painted, and then some!
This was our first Annie Sloan Chalk Painting Class! Jo taught everyone how to use the paint, waxes and even tried some stenciling!

Did you know chalk paint works on a Chia pet?

Our $15 flea market rocker turned into a delightful keepsake
for Edith's granddaughter, Drew!
I cut the letters with the Cricut. We undercoated with Old White, stuck on the letters and painted over with two coats of Emperor's Silk. I just peeled them off. Nearly perfect. Haven't touched up at all. We plan to do a little sanding to let some of the cream paint peek through and give it a coat of clear wax. So cute! A great Christmas present!

 Edith painted the box with Coco Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and then waxed with clear and dark wax.
Then Joanne used her Cricut to cut a stencil. Dabbed with Graphite and King's gold wax. Just delightful!

The day began with a quick trip over to an antiques sale which happened to be just across from The Southern Institute of Faux Finishing, our ASCP store! So we made a quick stop at each! By 10:00 we were hard at work.

Notice Evelyn's Duck Egg Blue drawer insides.
  I forgot to get a picture of them after.
Evelyn's small table/ jewelry box or nitestand. Just the perfect size for her daughter Molly's small New York City apartment!
 We did a thin wash of Old White on the top. It was almost in perfect shape but had a couple of boo-boos. It would have been nice to leave it natural.
Then she painted the rest in French Linen. I just love this color, very elegant.
I had this idea all week and had prepared a huge vinyl cutout with the Cricut. She painted just the area in front with two coats of Old White. We then placed the cutout on top, then painted around it with the French Linen, then carefully peeled it off. This was my first attempt at doing anything this complicated. With a little touching up , I think it came out gorgeous!

 Evelyn finished it off with a little sanding, clear and dark wax.
 It really is elegant for a $25 Flea market find!

Pam's cigar cabinet Humidor. This was very old and one of our flea market finds!
This piece had a little damage which Joanne repaired with some wood filler. Then a little sanding.  Pam wanted it red, and red she got!!
 She added a little dark wax and a touch of gold on the doors and on the curvy top! Just awesome!

Helen's Goodwill canisters.
Helen's Goodwill canister set really became a masculine addition
 for her son's kitchen.
They were painted with several coats of Coco. These were originally painted with enamel paint. The ASCP did cover but it took several coats. I cut some Chalkboard vinyl sticker labels with the Cricut. Now her son can label them however he wants! Helen also painted the cute red shelf and the
 Alabama Chia Pet!!

 My legs in Pam's beveled glass mirror. A $4.50 resale find!

We did accomplish a lot but we still have lots more to paint.
 So we have plenty to keep us busy!
 Watch for more projects soon. I am still working on making a painting area in the scrap room. Just don't know what to do with all this scrap stuff!!
Thanks for visiting. Love comments!

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