Monday, June 25, 2012

It was a hot time at the Flea Market in Flowood!

I talked Bob into taking me the the Mississippi Flea Market in Flowood on Sunday afternoon. It is a fun place, but it was extremely hot. We must have gone in the winter the first time, I did not remember the heat being a problem. 

There were lots of vintage things. 

I just loved this homemade cabinet. Would be great for the cabin!
 Notice the old Pyrex bowls on top.....we have several of these in different colors at the river. I just love them!

Have no clue what this was! Kinda creepy.

I saw several display shelves from liquor stores. The wood was great and the lettering on the side was really cool, but I just couldn't figure out what you could do with it.

Saw this little dude. I believe he is from the Ed Sullivan show.  According to Wikipedia his name was Topo Gigio (to learn more Wiki link)

There were several pieces of already painted furniture. Most I liked but did not think any were painted with chalk paint. The prices of the painted pieces were very high. I was looking for some small unpainted chests or end tables to paint.

I did love this rustic farm table and bench. Loved the red top!

My sentiments exactly!

In one section they had some Architectural salvage items. Some were really huge. I just loved this piece, but like I say , it was huge.

  After walking through the whole place, I just had to buy something. I found some cute wooden benches made from salvaged wood. I'm not showing you until I figure out how I am going to paint them! I hope you enjoyed our tour of the flea market..... without the sweat!
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Got me some helpers today!!

We met for a Scrap Therapy session this week (we do lunch) so I used some of my items to make a welcome tablescape. I love these painted candlesticks so much I just had to do some more. 

This time in this delightful Exotic Sea, Valspar spray paint. These come in gloss and satin.
 I prefer the gloss. 

Then it was back to the chest of drawers. 
This is going to be lots of work for sure!
I began sanding on the chest trying to remove some of the paint. The best tool I own right now is my Hitachi Random orbit sander. 

It was able to get right under the paint and
 just peel it off!! Yeah!

The good thing about this is that you just have these velcro disks to just slap on. I have always had one of those vibrating sanders and you had to use a screwdriver and lots of strength to just change out the paper. These are great!

Today, I recruited some helpers!
Isabella and Brennen came over and helped me scrape and sand. They were a tremendous help!! 

They loved scraping and using the screwdriver to just get under the just peeled off like contact paper! Remember there were 4 layers!

Thanks to their help I just have to do one more sanding and I'm ready to start painting! I think I have decided on the color. It's a Sherwin Williams paint and they have a 30% of sale starting tomorrow. Perfect timing!
I sure did enjoy having some help today!
 Great job, kiddos!!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sharing how to paint with Chalk Paint......

On Tuesday I shared my limited knowledge of how to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint with my new friend, Paula. I met her when I went to the sale at Southern Institute of Faux Finishing a few weeks ago. She makes jewelry, paints furniture and sells things at the Central Mississippi Flea Market in Kosciusko. She had not used ASCP and wanted to learn. I convinced her to purchase the starter kit which included all the basic tools and two cans of paint( it is a really good value). She sent me a photo of the two items she wanted to paint, one was a secretary and the other an old chest of drawers. I suggested the colors for her....Old White and Paris Gray were my choices. She brought just a couple of drawers from the items and I showed her how. It was a painted chest with gold handles(above photo)

It looks green in the photo but it's Old White. The batteries we dead in my camera so I used the Iphone so not a great picture,oops! Anyway we gave it two coats of Old White. Then we waxed with clear wax. Then we mixed the dark and clear wax and began with the handles. 

Such a great improvement!! The rest of the piece will be painted Paris gray.
 It is going to be lovely!!I am sure it will fetch a good price at the flea market!
I know it is hard to tell what this is, but it is a hanging light fixture. I found it in mom's attic this past weekend. I have great plans for this !

Below is a chest from the cabin. It had many coats of paint: yellow, blue and finally black. Will need to do a lot of sanding...the drawers would hardly close from all the paint. This will go in one of the bedrooms so I am choosing a delightful blue.  Went looking for just the right color today!!

It was not in wonderful shape, it even has a removeable lid!! I have to figure out how to put it back on. It seemed to just be glued on. Gonna try that.

So look for the finished product in the weeks to come.
This was our first trip to begin working on the cabin. It was a lot of hard work but we made it livable!
Our favorite spot sitting at this picnic table and watching the river! 
We just love this screened porch and have all sorts of plans for it.

 This view is from the road. The guys(Bob and Richard) worked so hard to get the yards cleared. We did not see any snakes!! Bob did have a terrible encounter with some yellow jackets! Apparently their nests are under the ground, they were under these bushes in front! Yikes!!

My sister-in-law Barbara and I did the inside cleaning. Made a lot of progress and began to think of projects to make it more comfy! Hence, the painted chest!
Thanks for visiting.
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It was a yellow day, or at least I made it one!

This cute little table was in really good shape.
 I liked the curves and details.

This lattice-look plastic thingy was just nasty, but something 
about it told me is could be re-purposed.
With the help of my Valspar Hubble House Golden Yellow paint,
 things were much improved! 

I replaced the old picture with a cardboard piece I sprayed
 with Chalkboard paint. It really works!

I did get out the orange and green paint to re-color these brass candlesticks. Love them now!

The little table was a lot of work. I removed the green vinyl and got some of my scrapbook paper to replace it. It took quite a while to get it trimmed just right. I then glued it down with Mod Podge and gave it several coats to make it waterproof. I then used the dark wax and a little sanding to give it an aged look. It really looks cute now!

If I had realized I was going to put this little frame on my bouquet, I probably would have painted it a different color. But it is a cute idea!

I am going this weekend to the furniture yard-sale at Southern Institute of Faux Finishing. I hope to get some great ideas and maybe pick up a couple more things to paint!!
Good news, my friend Julie bought the little chest and the two blue chairs! Yeah, now I can get some more paint colors!!
Thanks for visiting! 
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