Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It was a yellow day, or at least I made it one!

This cute little table was in really good shape.
 I liked the curves and details.

This lattice-look plastic thingy was just nasty, but something 
about it told me is could be re-purposed.
With the help of my Valspar Hubble House Golden Yellow paint,
 things were much improved! 

I replaced the old picture with a cardboard piece I sprayed
 with Chalkboard paint. It really works!

I did get out the orange and green paint to re-color these brass candlesticks. Love them now!

The little table was a lot of work. I removed the green vinyl and got some of my scrapbook paper to replace it. It took quite a while to get it trimmed just right. I then glued it down with Mod Podge and gave it several coats to make it waterproof. I then used the dark wax and a little sanding to give it an aged look. It really looks cute now!

If I had realized I was going to put this little frame on my bouquet, I probably would have painted it a different color. But it is a cute idea!

I am going this weekend to the furniture yard-sale at Southern Institute of Faux Finishing. I hope to get some great ideas and maybe pick up a couple more things to paint!!
Good news, my friend Julie bought the little chest and the two blue chairs! Yeah, now I can get some more paint colors!!
Thanks for visiting! 
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