Saturday, June 23, 2012

Got me some helpers today!!

We met for a Scrap Therapy session this week (we do lunch) so I used some of my items to make a welcome tablescape. I love these painted candlesticks so much I just had to do some more. 

This time in this delightful Exotic Sea, Valspar spray paint. These come in gloss and satin.
 I prefer the gloss. 

Then it was back to the chest of drawers. 
This is going to be lots of work for sure!
I began sanding on the chest trying to remove some of the paint. The best tool I own right now is my Hitachi Random orbit sander. 

It was able to get right under the paint and
 just peel it off!! Yeah!

The good thing about this is that you just have these velcro disks to just slap on. I have always had one of those vibrating sanders and you had to use a screwdriver and lots of strength to just change out the paper. These are great!

Today, I recruited some helpers!
Isabella and Brennen came over and helped me scrape and sand. They were a tremendous help!! 

They loved scraping and using the screwdriver to just get under the just peeled off like contact paper! Remember there were 4 layers!

Thanks to their help I just have to do one more sanding and I'm ready to start painting! I think I have decided on the color. It's a Sherwin Williams paint and they have a 30% of sale starting tomorrow. Perfect timing!
I sure did enjoy having some help today!
 Great job, kiddos!!

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