Friday, August 3, 2012

Ombre' Painting and Road Trip Info

Have you seen all these really neat, colorful things lately on Pinterest?
 I did not know the term: Ombre'
It means: having colors or tones that shade into each other —used especially on fabrics in which the color is graduated from light to dark

Camille came to paint the make-up/jewelry box. (Turns out it came from Pottery Barn) I think she got some of her talent from me! We are finding we have  lots in common these days. She loves to Scrapbook ( does wonderful pages and learned last night to operate the Cricut all on her own), we had a lengthy discussion about Photoshop and she is learning to paint, really well!!

Since her room is purple we mixed up a nice medium purple. This was the Folk Art acrylic paints.

We made two other shades by adding white and wow!
 we now have the Ombre' look!

We looked in the Scraproom for her initials and some bling! Just right!

I loved this look so much that I would love to paint a tall chest
of drawers like this!

We are planning a Girl's Road Trip to the 49 South Flea Market on Saturday the 25th. Everyone is going to find a small treasure or two to paint. Then in September we will schedule a
Chalk Painting 101 Class!!
Hope you can join us for our excursion!

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Pam Reeves said...

I did notice that Camille's painting on her make up box was ombre. She is so clever and talented. I figured she just "thought it up" herself!

Joanne Mock said...

I had been wanting to try it! you gonna be able to go on the 25th? Hope so!

Chris Murphy said...

Love it, esp ICRs jewelry box! Wish we lived closer.You are so talented

Joanne Mock said...

Yes, it would be fun to work on some projects together!