Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Salt and Peppa.... Anyone?

  Here they are! What do you think? I just love them. 

Remember before....not too exciting.
I wanted them to be pastel so here are the colors and types of paints I used. I found that the Folk Art paint covered the best. The yellow Apple brand did not cover so well. So if you try this, get good paint. Probably got that at Michael's. After I painted.... I used two coats of Johnson's Paste wax!

I know you all will be on the lookout for some S & P shakers, you may even have some in your own cabinets!! I would like to do at least one more set, so I will be on the looking too! Let me know if you want some, I will share!

This is a quick post....Charlie and Meg are coming in tomorrow and I need to clean up some of my painting mess  projects that are all over the place!
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Pam Reeves said...

What an awesome job! They look wonderful!!! I've gotta find some to paint.