Sunday, July 22, 2012

I know the lady would want this back.............

You remember the small cabinet I got for 5 dollars, don't you? Well, here it is all dressed up! I had so much fun making it into something really cute. I used Paris grey and Old white for doors and edges. Then I gave it a little dark wax to give it an aged look.

Then, to dress it up.... Florence was the perfect color
for the inside! My oh my!

Remember one of the knobs was missing? I found these in my collection of odd handles and knobs. Perfection.

Bob and I went "Goodwill Hunting" on Friday. (Stole that from the Nate show:) We were on the lookout for wooden salt & pepper shakers after seeing some really cute painted ones on Pinterest.
Found two sets, one at Goodwill and one at Odds and Ends (another of my favorite resale stores)I have some ideas for the shelf with hearts...I can always use more storage for my paints or scrappin' stuff.

I think this is a make-up holder. Thought I might paint it up for Camille or let her come and paint it. I think the other little cabinet is for jewelry. It is painted pretty cute, but knowing me I will have to repaint it!

And, here are those adorable S & P shakers. Just love the crank. 
Here is my cabinet with the Florence painted accessories! I think this might be a great item to take to the river. It has that cottage look I think we are going for. 

I plan to put this in my car this week and show it to my neighbor I bought it from. But she can't have it back! Hope you love my projects. Thank you for visiting. Comment below if you can.
I worked on several projects today. Hope to share with you soon. 
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Pam Reeves said...

So I guess YOU bought all of the wooden salt and pepper shakers in the area! I am dying to find some to paint. I love the cabinet you painted. And the 2 other items you have to work on. I'd love to see the wooden make up holder after Camille paints it.

Anonymous said...

I looked for more today, no luck!! I'm into the small things right now , I can paint inside. Thanks for the comment :)