Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Break Part One

I've managed to work on a few projects lately. I did finish the small jewelry box I showed you in my last post. It came out really cute. I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Versailles.

I then used a small stencil and come copper paint to add some interest.

I love the way this looks! And so easy!

Remember, here is how it looked from Goodwill!

Thank goodness I'm not superstitious! I broke a mirror this week, and it wasn't even mine! I paid Helen for it and have new plans for it!

This was my Goodwill score last week. A cute solid wood table. I think some doors or something was missing, but I have the perfect place for it! I', making a few alterations and plan to paint it this Friday.

It is Spring Break this week so on Monday I went over to begin helping Helen to make a scrap space in her room over her garage. It had lots of shelving a computer and is a great space.
This is one wall BEFORE.

I brought along two of my favorite things: The Cropper Hopper Vertical Paper holders and my Instant shelving units from Target. I just love these. After revamping my scrap room I had several of these left over.

These cube shelves work great and gave her a place for all her scrapbooks(these are only of few of the ones she's made) The other unit was great for the photo boxes so she could organize all her pictures. I use these and put the year on the outside. Then when I print my picture I try to get them
 in there, ready for scrapping.

We have several more pieces to paint and add to the room
 but we made good progress.
 On Saturday the girls took a road trip to the 49 South Flea Market. We found several great pieces to paint. Helen and I bought these Retro dishes! I just love them!! Bob and I had breakfast on them this week.

We are having a paint day this Friday so I hope to have lots
of finished projects for you in the next post. Thanks for visiting!!
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