Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Break Chalk Painting Marathon

My friend Sharon kept me busy during Spring Break. While others were basking in the sun on far away beaches we worked our butts off !
 But it was fun and well worth it!
These chairs were our big project.

They started our as sun faded wing -back chairs that needed to be reupholstered or taken to Goodwill. The fabric had no tears and was in great shape other than being faded out. That was a plus.

Started painting the cushions before we got the shot(as usual)

We began by spraying down the chairs with a light mist of water. We then made a 50/50 mixture of Annie Sloan Old White and water. 
This is how it looked after one coat.
It ended up taking about 3 coats. Each had to dry over night. Then when it was finally covered we gave it a coat of clear wax and buffed. They are soft and leather like. We painted and distressed the legs adding a little dark wax. 

It took a lot of time but I think it was well worth it! Definitely much cheaper than reupholstering! I have a similiar chair I was thinking of painting. Now that I know how it looks I think I'll go for it.

 This was the cornice board before. You can still see the texture
 of the elephants but you can't tell what they are.

 This table didn't get a before shot but it was dark wood. In very good shape.Again we gave it Sharon's favorite color, Old White.

 We also gave it a few touches of gold. Love it!
She also had this huge urn. It was gold. We painted with French Linen and wiped off showing some of the gold. Much better.

Sharon also had this old phono cabinet. The hole is where the turntable used to be. She still had the door but we did not want it back on.

We gave it a light sanding and painted it, Old Ochre.

I took the handle off the broken door and added it to the side to put a hand towel through. Sharon is going to use this in her bathroom to put towels in with all her cute bathroom bottles and potions on top.

Sharon went by Venable Glass and had a mirror cut for the bottom to cover the speaker area. We used some E6000 glue to hold it on.  She is going to get someone to put in a shelf in the middle part and add a back. 

 I love the way we left the radio and knobs! Really cute! Great idea Sharon. 
She says she has another cabinet on consignment at Repeat Street,
 but it is not as cute as this one!
There are a few other items we didn't finish. I'll share those soon.

Isn't Chalk paint amazing? If you have been following my blog you know that I have painted almost any surface you can think of with this paint. 
It is just amazing! 
I also finished painting the chest in my foyer. I'll save that for another day. 
Hope you all have a fine St. Patrick's day!
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Pam said...

I am impressed, girls!!!

General Scrappy said...

Thaks, Pam! It was hard work!