Thursday, March 6, 2014

Here's what we did!

We got some scrappping done last night.
 Helen finished up our Retreat pages.
Pam has been finding Bill's school pictures she never scrapped.

The pages below are of the evening the Guys got together for
dinner while we were gone on the retreat. I think Mike's Lemon pie was a hit as
well as  the Hot Tamales Mark drove all the way to Vicksburg to get.

We managed to get in a painting session this afternoon. It was a dreary day. Just
ran outside long enough to make these pictures!

Judy and Helen finished up these trays. Helen's is Chateau Grey and
Judy's is done in English Yellow with Emperor's Silk

Here's how it started out!

Our friend Sharon joined us to paint this cute bench. She promises to send me
a photo when she gets the cushion covered.

We painted a few small items but did not take pictures.
Hopefully the weather is going to warm up this weekend. I am still working
on the dresser in my foyer. We are about loopy from smelling the polyurethane fumes. Thank goodness the rest will be in chalk paint.
Thanks for stopping by. I am working on making it easier for you to comment. People have said it is not working. 


Joanne Mock said...

Seeing if this works

Anonymous said...

Checking this

Pam said...

All of the projects look wonderful!

Pam said...

All of the projects look great!