Friday, April 18, 2014

Blog winner and painting

I was unable to make and post the blog drawing yesterday because we were driving to St. Petersburg, Florida. Decided to come visit Betsy and Josh for a few days.We are here now and it's time to draw. Thanks to those who entered. Only 6 people replied and were entered. Ta da..... The winner of the file drawer set is: Rita Hancock!!! Just contact me and I will get it painted in the colors you want and get them delivered! Thanks for entering! Yea Rita!! 

We had a good time painting on Wednesday. Pam finally finished up the sewing chest. It is so pretty! 
We added a few gold touches. 

To line the small drawer ,we found the perfect piece of scrapbook 
Paper with scissors on it! 
Judy painted this tray with Duck Egg blue and added a few gold touches with gilding wax. 

Pam also painted her "r" for her front door. It is Primer Red in ASCP. 

My friend Sharon sent me pictures of the things we painted after she got them in her home. Those chairs are awesome!

Remember the stereo cabinet? 

Look at it now in her bathroom, Wow, is that cute or what? Now everyone will be 
on the lookout for one! 
 Thanks for visiting. In the future Be on the lookout for a Blog Giveaway! 

Here was our first sunset from Betsy's backyard! Bob is going to have a field day here. Betsy says the birds come to this pond and hang out all the time! 

I will try to share a few more pictures while we are here. I forgot my real camera but maybe Bob will share some of his with me! 

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