Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More Champagne-Urbana photos

One of my favorite places was the place where Meg and Charlie rented a small garden plot. It was just a great place!

Meg started most of her plants from seeds. Also since it's organic there are no chemicals so she planted marigolds to keep out the pests. They also put up a fence to keep out other critters.

This area was an herb garden..... free to other gardeners. There were all sorts of herbs and flowers.

There was also a walking trail. It walked out to a "prarie" and was surrounded by sculptures.

We also went to the Farmer's Market in Urbana. 

Lots of produce, flowers and hand-made crafts.

Another reason these particular dates were selected for our trip was that the World's second largest Corvette show was being held on the campus of  the University of Illinois. Richard is also a corvette buff, so this was another highlight for him.

These were just a few of the corvettes in the outer areas. There were hundreds, inside the paid area. Richard spent a day going through this. He loved it and it was cool to see Covettes driving all over town.

We had a great time in Champagne-Urbana. It was a really nice town, just the right size. The people seemed friendly and helpful. We loved seeing Meg and Charlie and their cute apartment. My next posts will show some of the hightlights of the Chicago part of our trip. I hope you enjoy, we did!

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