Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ready for Take-off !!

This is the airplane shelf Melanie retrieved from her street! It is huge and we thought it would be great for Brennen. I gave it a coat of primer and then painted the colors. (Yellow paint does not cover) Took about 5 coats! 

Then I used my trusty Cricut to cut vinyl to use as stencils to put on the circles.This was a little tricky and I learned there are different grades of vinyls. The one that worked best was the Wall Pops from Lowe's. I guess it is thicker than the Cricut vinyl. 

I also added his initials.

Here it is! All finished! 

Last night I delivered it to Brennen!! He just loved it! This was such a fun project. Thanks Melanie for scavenging it for me!!
Thanks so much for reading my post. I love comments. 
We are headed to Gantt with a huge truck. There is no telling what painting projects will be next. I just hate to waste all that space in the truck for just a few items!
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Elizabeth Blackledge said...

That is sooo adorable! Man, you gotta make me something. Perhaps a china cabinet? Just sayin haha. I think our next place is going to be a minimalist style though. Very white with splashes of color in pillows, rugs and art.

Joanne Mock said...

I will be happy to. Don't need to buy a china cabinet, I now have two. Need to get one down there when you have room for it. Yes, I like the minimalist look too. All this "stuff" has to be dusted! See you soon!